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leigh minor nagy, retail therapist

About Me

Leigh Minor Nagy, Retail Therapist

Leigh is first and foremost a mother of three beautiful and spirited children. A designer by default, she is a woman who has always had a love for retail therapy – big and small.

Having served as the Vice President of a Main Street Board of Directors while owning a downtown small business herself, Leigh can speak directly to all the charms and challenges of running a downtown business. From painting the walls and crafting creative visual displays to strategically navigating the semi-annual buying markets, she has the experience of being both behind the counter and creating the effective downtown programs that have the potential to ring registers. In addition, Leigh worked as a successful interior designer prior to opening a retail store. She has also worked as a retail store window designer  and has been at the forefront of acquiring and liquidating a struggling downtown business as a transition strategy for new business opportunity.

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Retail Consulting
Working with individual downtown business owners to identify challenges and potential solutions.

Visual Merchandising
Visual assessment and redesign, with some instant gratification, in a variety of your downtown businesses. Creative solutions that focus on maximizing the minimum you are willing to spend.

Merchandise Mix Strategies
Working with individual business owners to expand on and blend their current inventory with new products to maximize profit and capitalize on local leakage.

Main Street Retail Event Strategies
The Main Street model identifies three different types of events that the Promotions Committee should focus on, with retail events being some of the most difficult to execute successfully. Engineer creative events that blend together good event management with the behind-the-counter needs of your downtown retail community.

Retailer Festival Strategy
What to do and what to buy when 10,000 “not your customer” customers are headed your way for 24 hours.

Online Selling Tools
Things to consider when considering an online retail launch. The big decision of  going global when you are already running a brick and mortar.

Social Media Strategies
Facebook, Twitter, Blog writing, Pinterest…oh my. How to navigate the world of “I’ll link you if you link me”.

Main Street Manager/Board- Retailer Relations
Grumpy business owners? Understanding the life of a downtown retailer and how to get them on your team.


Visual Merchandising- 20 Ideas for Every Downtown
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Basics that every downtown business owner can take to heart and take back to work to improve the overall visual appeal of their business. Strategies that a manager can feel comfortable recommending, with the confidence that you don’t need a design degree to water plants.

Retail Therapy- Manager-Retailer Relations
There is a common theme that runs through downtown retail communities everywhere – the disgruntled business owner. Having been on both the Main Street side and the business owner side, learning to understand the daily challenges of running a business uphill, is critical to improving the relationship between Main Street and Business Owner. Knowing what they expect and what they face every day will help shape the services and opportunities you provide in your downtown.

Cooperative Marketing- More than an Ugly Ad
Organizing, designing, agreeing…and the dreaded collecting. How to make Cooperative Marketing effective, smart, and as pleasant as possible.

Funnel Cakes and Turkey Legs- A Retailer’s Strategy to Engage Your “Not Your Customer” Customer
Why the thought of 10,000 fried Snickers-bar-eaters does not make your downtown retailer jump for joy. How to get your retailers to buy for and engage in the festival opportunity. Strategies to open their minds and their doors.

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